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"My sessions enabled me to focus on what I wanted out of life, what I needed to change and how I was going to achieve these goals.  Coaching has given me the confidence to make life changing decisions.  When asked what made me leave my job of 30 years, I was proud to say life coaching made me think differently and had given me the confidence to make the change I needed to make."  

Louise Rollason 

"I was more energised and focused at work. My evenings were no longer taken up with work but with those important people in my life that make me happy...I can’t thank Shelley enough for the experience, the support, the guidance, the laughs, and sense of achievement.

If you are wavering in anyway about coaching, don’t, just jump right on in there, you wont regret it!"  Deb Roberts 

"Shelley’s coaching sessions came at a time of fast-moving growth in my career.  Shelley helped to me to take a step back and consider the changes that I had to deal with within my new role.  She is good at raising considerations that probably would not have occurred to me otherwise.  I hope to work with her again in the future."  Craig Million

"In the 6 months we worked together, I launched a business, brought my focus back to my own health and wellbeing, and felt unwavering support as I set and reached my own goals.  If you want to experience what the right coach can help you achieve, book your time with Shelley now, before her schedule is full!"  Sara Hauber

"Shelley helped me tease out some issues I was having in my business... ultimately coming up with my own solutions for the issues.  Thanks for guiding me Shelley"  Dierdre Doyle

"With her questions and support Shelley helped me to understand what was holding me back and where my thinking wasn’t serving me.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions and would recommend coaching with Shelley"  Katie Knight

Shelley's Circle

"Having a circle to keep motivated is so helpful for sticking to goals. The other ladies are really supportive in our WhatsApp group. And Shelley gives so much to help you identify what’s most important to you and formulate a route to  achieve it. The circle’s a really safe space with Shelley leading it. She’s a fantastic coach!"  Zaria

Be in the moment_edited.jpg


I also asked my friends what they wanted to say about me and thought I'd share that with are the top five...

  1. good, thoughtful, loyal friend

  2. understanding

  3. honest

  4. great listener

  5. fun

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