What people say

It takes time to build up testimonials when working with clients for long periods, but it's worth the wait.  Thank you to my clients who provided these messages to give you an idea of what it's like to work with me...

What clients say

"I didn’t know what to expect from the coaching sessions, this was uncharted territory for me. I began with a little trepidation of the unknown but within the first 10 minutes Shelley had me totally at ease with her wonderful warm personality.

During lockdown I had got myself in to the bad habit of working through my lunch break and logging back on of an evening to complete pieces of work, this affected my homelife and my wellbeing. My first action set with Shelley was to block out my lunch breaks and reconnect with family/friends for an evening stroll or a chat, this was more difficult than I thought, bad habits are hard to break, but through the coaching process, within a few weeks I was doing it and the impact was amazing. By having a simple lunch break, I was more energised and focused at work. My evenings were no longer taken up with work but with those important people in my life that make me happy.

I also experienced a very difficult life event during the course. Shelley was incredibly supportive and without me really realising at the time, helped me stay focused on achieving my goals…a much needed positive at a very low time.

Shelley doesn’t just hear to what you are saying, she also has that rare ability to listen and understand what you are saying. She gently guides you through the process by building your confidence and challenging you to achieve what you have set out to achieve and before you know it, you are there!

I can’t thank Shelley enough for the experience, the support, the guidance, the laughs, and sense of achievement.

If you are wavering in anyway about coaching, don’t, just jump right on in there, you wont regret it!"
Deb Roberts

"Shelley is an amazing coach.  As a trained coach myself, I can say with confidence that she is one of the best! I came to Shelley while at a difficult transition in my life.  I didn’t really know what I wanted to achieve.  Within the first 20 minutes of our first call, Shelley had asked me exactly the right questions to get me on track.  She didn’t offer me advice.  She didn’t tell me what she thought or offer me suggestions.  She coached me by listening actively, giving me space to answer her pointed questions, and allowing me the time to find my own answers.  Even during those tough moments when I really “wanted” someone to guide me, Shelley retained her expert coaching manner and kept giving ME the reins to guide my own life: Exactly what a good coach does.  I can’t thank Shelley enough for our sessions.  We only met once per month, but in the 6 months we worked together, I launched a business, brought my focus back to my own health and wellbeing, and felt unwavering support as I set and reached my own goals.  If you want to experience what the right coach can help you achieve, book your time with Shelley now, before her schedule is full!"
Sara Hauber - Director of Manuscript Writing Instruction Programs, Publication Matters LLC


"I really enjoyed working with Shelley over the past 6 months or so.  She was endlessly patient with me and helped me tease out some issues I was having in my business.  Her approach was to let me talk things through with her, ultimately coming up with my own solutions for the issues.  Thanks for guiding me Shelley and best of luck in your new business."
Dierdre Doyle - Owner, The Cool Food School Ltd.


"When I started coaching, I was uncertain of what it would lead me to and Shelley offered me the space to talk through some of what was in my head and work out what it meant for me.  With her questions and support Shelley helped me to understand what was holding me back and where my thinking wasn’t serving me.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions and would recommend coaching with Shelley for anyone that needs time to reconnect and find their way back to where they need to be."
Katie Knight

What others say

"I know Shelley from her membership of my Women's Inspire Network.  Since joining our network I have found Shelley to be extremely knowledgeable, helpful and supportive to our members.  If you want guidance Shelley won't let you down. (She's also fun and very friendly)"
Samantha Kelly - Tweeting Goddess and Founder of the Women's Inspire Network