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Career Coaching

We spend a lot of time at work - let's enjoy what we do!

I developed this programme to support professional women who are based at home, in the office or both to feel their best at work and have the personal life they want. 



Do you want to increase your impact and enjoyment at work, while having time to enjoy your personal life?  Are there some specific issues getting in the way of that?  


Address those issues in a positive way, so you can enjoy work and have the freedom to enjoy your home life.


​We’ll have an introductory session before coaching starts.  After you’ve completed a pre-coaching evaluation, we’ll have monthly one to one coaching sessions for six months focused on the issues that will have the biggest impact for you based on what you want to achieve.


​What's included:

  • FREE introductory session before signing up

  • Pre-coaching evaluation

  • 6 one to one coaching sessions

  • 1 follow up 3 months after completion


​£450 (pay in full or £100 deposit then 5 monthly payments of £70)

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