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More about your coach

My values are


  • Be kind to myself

  • Be kind to others

  • Encourage kindness


  • Be me

  • Give my clients the space to be who they really are without judgement

Making a positive difference

  • Partner with my clients so they can reveal their potential

  • Make a positive difference in the world

Get to know me better

Home life

I live near Liverpool with my husband and son.  Rich and I met after having the time and space to have previous relationship experience and truly know what we did and didn't want.  I'd reached the point where I was happy being me, I didn't know if I'd ever meet 'the one', which I was comfortable with because I knew I would be happier being single than settling.

Shelley Mulville - last night of the cru

Work life

I've been a Civil Servant for more than 20 years, with experience in many areas including project management, business management and people engagement.  After maternity leave, I started working part-time and I love the balance I have.  I currently have a leadership role improving diversity and inclusion.  I work with a lovely team and really enjoy what I do, as we deal with challenging issues and help to bring positivity.  

Alongside enjoying the scope of challenge and impact in this role, I love coaching and mentoring.  I remember one of my colleagues saying to me 'you can't fix the world' and that's true, but I care about people, I want them to feel they're doing what's right for them.  It delights me when I see people achieving their ambitions and I feel privileged that I get to support them in doing so.  Life is too short to spend it worrying about what you 'should' be doing or thinking about other people's opinions.  I believe there's space for all of us to do what's right for us regardless of where we are now in relation to where we want to be.


Life is challenging - we all know this in the current climate like never before.  Some of the challenges I've faced include dealing with chronic pain; being divorced before 30; self-doubt - lots of self-doubt; overworking; my son being critically ill and concerns that followed; perfectionism (I gave that up when I realised it wasn't possible to do all I thought I needed to and be happy).  This is to list just a few and what brought me through all of this is my positive mindset and the practices I've adopted over time.  These things took a long time to overcome, but coaching can accelerate this process. 

Becoming a coach

In the Summer of 2020, I was thinking about how much I love my life and that I want other women to feel that way too and that's what led me to become a transformational coach.  Although my initial thought was about women (probably because I am a woman), I know everyone can face the challenges in life that I'd like to help with, so if you'd like to partner with me, I'm here for you.  I knew what I wanted to do, but didn't have the tools I needed to make it happen.  Fast forward to today, I now have my Diploma in Professional Coaching Practice, which is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Approved Coach Training Programme.  The ICF is the gold standard in coaching professionalism.  I've been taught and assessed by ICF Master Coach Gillian McMichael of Full Circle Global and her team of ICF credentialed coaches.  I'm a member of the ICF and work in line with its professional and ethical standards.

How I can help you

I became a transformational coach because I love my life and I want you to be able to say you love your life and really mean it. 


One of the advantages of one to one coaching is that we can tailor your coaching programme to meet your specific needs.  What you want may feel a little out of reach at the moment, but I can help you take those first steps towards a life you truly love and support you to keep going.  The group programmes have a set structure and within that structure, you will have the opportunity to tailor what you're learning to your personal situation to make sure you're getting what you want from your time with me.

Whether you're achieving great things and want to take your life or career further; you feel something isn't quite as you'd like; or you're really not happy with where things are and want to get to a better place, coaching can help.  As long as you're willing to be completely honest with yourself (and me) about what you want and you're committed to taking the action needed to make a positive difference, I can help you to clarify your goals, plan how to get there and take steps needed to move you from where you are now to where you want to be.

My ambition is for you to realise that you can live a life you love and to go for it.


Thanks for visiting and I look forward to meeting you!


Qualifications and memberships

  • Diploma in Professional Coaching Practice - International Coaching Federation (ICF) Accredited Coach Training Programme (ACTP)

  • Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

  • Chartered Manager Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute (CMngr FCMI)

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)

  • Member of the Association of MBAs

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